Argyll, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Three go Woof Hostelling in Oban

As September drew to a close we embarked on our third and final Hostelling Scotland adventure of 2019. After wonderful breaks in Arran and Glencoe, we were looking forward to Woof Hostelling in Oban. Oban is a bustling harbour town on Scotland's west coast. It's famous for seafood and being the gateway to the isles,… Continue reading Three go Woof Hostelling in Oban


I survived Black Friday!

It's that time of year again when ordinary, mild-mannered folk go loopy at the mere hint of a bargain.  On Black Friday who amongst us can resist the thrill of wrestling with a complete stranger on the floor of Toys R Us to secure the last coveted Hatchimal in store? I'll give you a clue -… Continue reading I survived Black Friday!